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Inserm in 2018: reports and key figures

By |2019-07-14T04:07:23+02:0014 juillet 2019|Sciences|

Annual activity reports, financial and asset balance reports: the documents relating to the Institute's activity in 2018 are online. You will discover the actions and innovations in life and health sciences that testify to the vitality of our organization in the accomplishment of its missions. [...]

How the Brain Participates in Cancer

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Neurons occur even within the tumor microenvironment - and contribute to the development of cancer. These nerve cells originate from progenitors deriving from the brain and transported via the bloodstream. An astonishing discovery that opens up a whole new field of research relating to both [...]

Programming Complex Cell Behaviors is Becoming Possible

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Programming populations of living cells would enable complex tasks to be performed in numerous health domains: diagnostics, therapy and even tissue and material engineering. In Montpellier, researchers from the Center for Structural Biochemistry (CBS) have recently developed a new type of genetic circuit in which [...]